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DiMENNA SECURITY CONSULTING provides complete investigative services to corporations, small businesses, organizations, law firms and individuals.  These services document or identify an existing problem of a criminal or civil nature, or provide intelligence on areas of potential concern. Licensed investigators are assigned to specific cases dictated by the case requirements and the investigator’s field of expertise.  Investigators utilize the latest in investigative techniquies, augmented by computerized information systems or other technical devices as required.

Major categories of Investigations are:

  • Pre-employment background
  • Corporate theft of proprietary information and conflict of interest
  • Fraud and employee misconduct
  • Asset/Financial
  • Due diligence

Since September 11, 2001 Mr. DiMenna and his staff were instrumental in performing threat assessments and recommending strategies that neutralized both financial and physical liabilities for our Firm and its executives.

J. J. Turano,
Investment Bank,
Wall Street