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Jerome L. DiMenna


Personal Protection Details (also known as dignitary protection and executive protection) are provided to clients with serious security concerns. The primary purpose of providing a personal protection detail is to prevent intentional injury or assault by would be assassins, prevent unintentional injury, prevent kidnapping, prevent embarassment, assist in medical emergencies and maintain schedule.

Protection details are designed to meet the individual client’s specific needs. Personnel assigned to the protection detail are highly trained specialists with backgrounds in federal, state or local law enforcement dignitary protection units.

Personal Protection Services include but are not limited to: client education, intelligence collection, threat assessment and vulnerability studies, formulation of a protection plan and advance operations. Advance operations involve liaison with area law enforcement, medical and security representatives, route and site surveys, logistical support for the client and others in the client’s group, and coordination with local hosts or event sponsors.

Protective services are also provided for large groups, business meetings, conventions and special events in both the United States and abroad.

DiMenna Security Consulting specializes in providing protection for high visibility clients and events.