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Jerome L. DiMenna


Jerome L. DiMenna has over 20 years experience in the Federal law enforcement, security, intelligence and counter/anti-terrorism fields having been directly involved in several defining events of modern times. He formed DiMenna Security Consulting to utilize his experience and international contacts to provide professional security services to individuals and organizations in need.

As a senior ranking United States Marine Corps officer, Mr. DiMenna served as an intelligence officer specializing in intelligence and counter-intelligence planning and associated activities as well as counterterrorism and hostage rescue operations.

As a Federal law enforcement officer, serving as a special agent with the United States Naval Intelligence, Mr. DiMenna conducted or directed major investigations such as the John Walker espionage ring, space shuttle Challenger disaster and the attempted sabotage of a Trident submarine while also specializing in Dignitary Protection.

Mr. DiMenna has directed security details for high ranking United States and foreign government officials and highly visible public figures who have been the target of international terrorist groups to include Navy Secretary John F. Lehman, Israeli Prime Minister Yitzahk Rabin, House Speaker Newt Gingrich and Lt. Col. Oliver L. North.

Mr. DiMenna directed Lt. Col. Oliver North’s government security detail during the Iran/Contra Hearings and subsequently left government service to establish and direct Lt. Col. North’s private security effort. During that period of time, Lt. Col. North and Mr. DiMenna were marked for death by Abu Nidal, the world’s most brutal terrorist, prompting Mr. DiMenna to develop and refine techniques associated with individual protective measures and private security details. Mr. DiMenna also directed security for House Speaker Newt Gingrich’s national book tour, “To Renew America” and frequently directs security operations for corporate executives and highly visible individuals.

Mr. DiMenna specializes in Personal Protection and Counterterrorism/Antiterrorism matters pertaining to corporate safety and security.  He has lectured on law-enforcement and security topics to groups and organizations across the United States as well as having authored numerous security related articles and having appeared on television as a terrorism expert.